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Abigail Name Meaning

How to Pronounce Abigail

Syllable : ab·i·gail

Spell : [ab-i-geyl]

Phonetic : /ˈæb ɪˌgeɪl/

What does Abigail Mean?

Abigail Name Gender : Girl Names

Abigail Name Origin : The origin of the name Abigail is Biblical baby names

Meaning Of Abigail : Abigail name meaning is name (meaning `father of exaltation` in Hebrew) borne by one of King David`s wives, who had earlier been married to Nabal (I Samuel 25: 3), and by the mother of Absalom`s captain Amasa (2 Samuel 1: 25). The name was popular in the 17th century under Puritan influence. It was a common name in literature for a lady`s maid, for example in Beaumont and Fletcher`s play The Scornful Lady (1616), partly no doubt because the biblical Abigail refers to herself as `thy servant`. In Ireland this name has traditionally been used as an Anglicized form of GOBNAIT, although the reasons for this are not clear. English, Irish: Abbie, Abbey.

In addition to these data about Abigail name meaning, Abigail name is a girl name that starts with A and letter A means that You are ambitious, independent and have great drive, you are not easily influenced, you are mental and direct, you want to take charge, you have willpower and are resolute and purposeful, you have courage and boldness but may also be stubborn and willful. Be more flexible and willing to listen to others. You can search our database via baby name finder tool to find similar names of Abigail name. If you know more about Abigail name meaning, please send us feedback, we are looking forward your contributions. Please read all sections of the name Abigail. If you consider Abigail name is proper name for your baby, please inform us what you think about your decision. Names that sound like Abigail : Abianne Abbegail Abelina Abigael Abeytu .

Etymology Of The Name Abigail

Feminine proper name, in Old Testament, Abigail the Carmelitess, a wife of David, from Hebrew Abhigayil, literally "my father is rejoicing," from abh "father" + gil "to rejoice." Used in general sense of "lady's maid" (1660s) from character of that name in Beaumont & Fletcher's "The Scornful Lady." The waiting maid association perhaps begins with I Sam. xxv, where David's wife often calls herself a "handmaid." Her male counterpart was Andrew.

Popularity Of Abigail

For U.S. births in 2015, the number of births with name Abigail is 12311, representing about 0.695802 percent of all female births in 2015. See interactive baby names map for Abigail name popularity by states.

CountryPopularity rank
united states popular baby namesUnited States8
England and Wales popular baby namesEngland and Wales46
Ireland popular baby namesIreland54
united kingdom popular baby namesScotland38
Canada popular baby namesCanada10
Australia popular baby namesAustralia29
New Zealand popular baby namesNew Zealand33
netherland popular baby namesNetherland262
netherland popular baby namesNetherland1995
france popular baby namesFrance1650
austria popular baby namesAustria414

Abigail Name In Other Languages

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