9 Weeks Pregnant

In your third month of pregnancy, you're probably still feeling the same or better than you were in the first few weeks. You're getting the `hang' of it and really starting to settle into providing the right environment for your child.

The development of baby

Baby's head is growing larger than the body The iris of the eye has developed Fingernails are grown Weighs about seven grams

The development of mom

Still feeling the pregnancy symptoms Body is slowly growing to accommodate the size of the baby You may have gained weight, but it's not vital for many moms

What baby is feeling

Baby is starting to understand where he or she is at Still growing quickly and needs a lot of nutrients

What mom is feeling

Feeling a little less tired and fatigued Starting to get excited about the heartbeat

Specific needs for the week

You need to be sure that you are eating balanced meals with each of the food groups.

Specific concerns for the week

You're almost out of the main time where the possibility of miscarriage is higher, so if you have any pain or cramping, be sure to alert your doctor.

Special tip for mom

If you're still having nausea, try eating some crackers first thing in the morning before you get out of bed. Sometimes low blood sugar can make you nausea, but eating will help raise your sugar levels.