4 Weeks Pregnant

Rounding out the first month of pregnancy, baby is certainly busy getting his or herself ready for the big world outside of mom's body. Hormone levels continue to rise, and plenty is happening.

The development of baby

The inner ear begins to form The larynx is beginning to grow A placenta lining is forming, but is not in use The circulatory system is working well The digestive system is beginning to grow Measures about 4 - 6 millimeters

The development of mom

hCG levels are increasing again Pregnancy symptoms can become more intense

What baby is feeling

Baby is growing quickly, building the main systems of the body

What mom is feeling

Mood swings can become more intense this week Areolas around the nipples can darken Breasts may feel heavier Nausea can become worse

Special needs for the week

This might be a good time to start letting someone else change the cat litter. There's a sight chance of birth defects from a bacteria in cat excrement.

Special concerns for the week

At this point, mom should have found an obstetrician or midwife to guide them through their prenatal care.

Special tip for mom

This might be a good time to start a gentle exercise program with the guidance of your doctor.