37 Weeks Pregnant

While you might think that pregnancy is never going to end, you're really in the home stretch by now.

The development of baby

Baby is still growing Baby produces meconium in the intestines and will be released in the first bowel movement

The development of mom

Having periods of fatigue and over energy Nesting continues

What baby is feeling

Baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid that continues to replace itself over and over. They are learning how to digest in order to get nutrients from formula or breast milk.

What mom is feeling

The nesting feeling is when you are active and energetic, sometimes getting the nursery ready or baby proofing the house. Don't overexert yourself, but if you're feeling the energy come on, use it!

Specific needs for the week

If you're concerned that you might need an episiotomy during your delivery, you can start to ready your body by massaging the perineum - the space between your vaginal opening and your rectum. Apply a little lubricant and gently massage the area with your thumb. A little discomfort is okay, but pain is not.

Specific concerns for the week

If you start to lose weight, that might be a sign that you are getting ready to give birth.

Special tip for mom

Do you have a plan for when you go into labor? If you have other children, who will be taking care of them?