35 Weeks Pregnant

Slowly, but surely, you're getting to the birthday.

The development of baby

Baby is still practicing breathing More squirming and less kicking

The development of mom

Possible stomach bloating More swelling in ankles and hands Waddling movements

What baby is feeling

Baby is considered ready to be born at this point!

What mom is feeling

Relief that pregnancy is almost over More dreams and fantasies about baby

Specific needs for the week

It's time to tour the birthing center or hospital where baby will be born. You want to feel comfortable when you go in and know what you can expect.

Specific concerns for the week

At this point, you might deliver at any time, so it's best to remain close to a phone or close to home if you can.

Special tip for mom

While you might be concerned about your water breaking, this is actually not the momentous occasions as television and movies might have you think. It might just be a small amount of wetness that you will need to change your underwear for. Call your doctor at that point if there is anything unusual about the fluid that you find.