34 Weeks Pregnant

Now that you're in the ninth month of your pregnancy, you might think that you're almost done, but you still have a little ways to go.

The development of baby

Baby weighs over five pounds and measures almost eighteen inches Baby will start to get ready to shift

The development of mom

Increased frequency of urination More contractions o Increased fatigue

What baby is feeling

While baby might not realize this, he or she is getting ready to come through the birth canal.

What mom is feeling

Restlessness Irritability

Specific needs for the week

You might want to start thinking about choosing a pediatrician this week and setting up a consultation with the doctor when you deliver. By checking your insurance and getting references from other moms, you'll be sure to find someone that you can talk to about your child.

Specific concerns for the week

Pay extra attention to the number of kicks and pokes you are feeling. You might be feeling less intense movement, but it should still be there.

Special tip for mom

Start looking into breastfeeding classes or seminars if you're considering breastfeeding once the baby is born. If not, start researching the formulas that might work best for baby.