33 Weeks Pregnant

Week thirty-three is here, excited yet?

The development of baby

All organ systems are completing their development Baby measures eighteen inches and weights almost five pounds

The development of mom

Increased pressure Some moodiness and anxiety Breasts still swelling

What baby is feeling

Baby is doing well and just gaining weight to be ready for the outside world.

What mom is feeling

If you're feeling a little tired of talking about your impending motherhood, ask your friends to take you out for a girls night in - movies and munchies - and put pregnancy on the list of things to not talk about.

Specific needs for the week

Make sure that your doctor tests for Group B strep as well as any other birth defects that you might be concerned about. If they can't test you, you can send blood samples to a private lab.

Specific concerns for the week

If your baby is in a breech position, your doctor may attempt to shift it to a more favorable position for delivery. However, this doesn't always work as baby can move right back.

Special tip for mom

Sometimes a pregnancy can make the mom and partner less likely to talk about romantic things. Schedule a date night to reestablish your romantic relationship - without the wine, of course.