31 Weeks Pregnant

If you're having more than one baby, this might be the week that it happens.

The development of baby

There is a substance covering the alveoli of the lungs Baby is starting to fill out Baby weighs about four pounds

The development of mom

Increased chance of hemorrhoids Bleeding gums Continued aches and pains

What baby is feeling

Baby's lungs are practicing for breathing real air.

What mom is feeling

Mom might be feeling a little unwieldy and off balance. Try to move around a bit slower to help compensate for these feelings.

Specific needs for the week

You can still be driving at this point of your pregnancy, though you might want to stop when you can't fit behind the steering wheel. As long as you're feeling well, feel free to go anywhere that you please.

Specific concerns for the week

If you're still feeling some dizzy sensations, try to eat smaller meals more frequently. This can help to stabilize your blood sugar and keep it from fluctuating.

Special tip for mom

Realize that your increased size will not hurt your chances of having an easy delivery. Vaginal delivery is still quite possible for even those women who are genetically disposed to a larger pregnancy size.