30 Weeks Pregnant

Doesn't it seem like forever since you found out you were pregnant?

The development of baby

Baby movement will peak at this week and start to slow down now There is more fat and muscle on baby's body Measures over fifteen inches in length and almost four pounds

The development of mom

Pressure on pelvis area Hemorrhoids More clumsiness

What baby is feeling

Baby is starting to realize that space is running out, so he or she might start to find different positions.

What mom is feeling

Mom is starting to count down to the due date.

Special needs for the week

You will start to need to go into see your doctor more frequently - probably every two weeks from this point on. Be sure to ask any questions or relate any concerns that you have at each appointment.

Special concerns for the week

To combat constipation, make sure you are drinking plenty of water and that you are getting enough fruits and vegetables. If you are having troubles with your bowel movements, try to increase your exercise if you can as well to keep things moving.

Special tip for mom

Make sure to enlist in a childbirth class, if that's something that you want to do. These classes can dramatically reduce your stress about the delivery and help to lessen your overall pain.