28 Weeks Pregnant

As you finish your seventh month, you're almost there.

The development of baby

Brain is growing rapidly The lanugo is starting to disappear from the skin Weighs about three pounds and measures almost fifteen inches

The development of mom

Might start noticing colostrum from breasts Increased back pain Problems with sleeping

What baby is feeling

Baby is still moving and reacting to their outside environment, learning the sounds of familiar voices and sounds.

What mom is feeling

Mom is starting to get a little anxious to be un-pregnant. She might be uncomfortable and want to be relieved of her symptoms as well as meet her little one.

Special needs for the week

If you feel that you need to urinate more frequently, you will want to do so. While it might seem like a pain to keep going to the bathroom - this keep you from any infections from holding it in. And a full bladder can also stimulate contractions.

Special concern for the week Any bleeding or spotting at this point of the pregnancy should be reported to a doctor. However, it's rarely cause for concern.

Special tip for mom

While you may have already written a birth plan, you will want to start talking about it with the people that will be present for the birth. Everyone needs to be on the same page on what to expect.