27 Weeks Pregnant

During this month, you can expect:

The development of baby

Baby starts to regulate its temperature Starts producing own red blood cells Weighs about two pounds and nine ounces

The development of mom

Continued shortness of breath Feeling of fullness in abdomen Some hand and face swelling

What baby is feeling

Baby is starting to realize that the space is becoming lessened in the womb, so they may not be moving as much as before, but should still be moving

What mom is feeling

Starting to worry about the actual delivery day

Specific needs for the week

If you're sweating more, that's completely normal. This is the body's way of getting rid of wastes during your pregnancy. It can help to drink more water to help your body with this process.

Specific concerns for the week

To avoid having a low birth weight baby, you will want to make sure that you are eating right, exercising, staying away from drugs and alcohol, and staying calm.

Special tip for mom

If you have other children, start to involve them somehow with the birth. They can feel left out sometimes, so try to talk to them about their feelings as well as help them get ready to be a new big sibling.