26 Weeks Pregnant

Already at week twenty-six?

The development of baby

The testes of a baby boy are now descending Eyelashes are visible Measures about fourteen inches and weighs about one kilogram

The development of mom

Stronger fetal movement Some Braxton-Hicks contractions

What baby is feeling

Baby is growing and developing and becoming more responsive to outside stimuli

What mom is feeling

Have any strange dreams lately? This is highly common during the later stages of pregnancy.

Special needs for the week

Start considering when you will stop working. Many women will want to work until the last moment before birth, while others will want to start their maternity leave a month before the due date.

Special concerns for the week

If you have restless legs, try cutting down on any sugars or simple carbohydrates that you're eating.

Special tip for mom

Time to plan that baby shower!