24 Weeks Pregnant

And before you start your third and final trimester, you are going to experience some wonderful things in week twenty-four.

The development of baby

Skin is starting to become less see through Measures about 13 inches in length and almost two pounds

The development of mom

Mom's uterus is still expanding Anxiety Uterus moving move

What baby is feeling

Baby is becoming more reactive to sounds, lights, and other startling things. Some babies will react to every sound, while some will not - this is entirely normal.

What mom is feeling

The anxiety that you are feeling right now is completely normal. You may be anxious about becoming a mother, whether you'll be good enough, and whether you know enough to be ready. A parenting class for pregnant women might help you feel more ready for the new life ahead.

Specific needs for the week

This might be a good time to stock up the nursery just in case baby comes a little earlier than expected. Of course, your friends and family may already have started to help you in that way.

Specific concerns for the week

Realize that if your baby is born preterm, it has an excellent chance of surviving and growing up to be perfectly healthy.

Special tip for mom

It might not be a bad idea to start packing that hospital bag and putting it in a location where no one will remove anything from it, but it is still easy to find.