23 Weeks Pregnant

Did you feel that? Baby is starting to do interesting things in your womb now.

The development of baby

Baby's eyes can open and close Baby may start hiccupping Baby weights about one pound and nine ounces

The development of mom

Skin color changes continue Ear stuffiness is possible Increased digestive issues o Whitish vaginal discharge

What baby is feeling

Since baby's eyes are nearly developed, it will respond to bright lights that are shone onto the womb

What mom is feeling

You might start feeling like you're running out of time to be ready to be a mom. To cope with this, talk with your partner and start projects like getting together a baby shower or working on decorating the nursery.

Special needs for the week

You may want to consider writing up a birthing plan. This is a detailed list of all of the things that you want (or don't want) during the delivery day.

Special concerns for the week

You might want to start asking your doctor about the available pain medications that you can be given during birth. Talk about their side effects and how they are administered.

Special tip for mom

Now is a good time to work on those baby-pushing muscles with Kegel exercises. Pretend like you are holding in a stream of urine and then release. Repeat whenever you can.