20 Weeks Pregnant

Here's what you can expect from your twentieth week after conception.

The development of baby

Muscles are strengthening from all the activity Baby is a recognizable shape with head and arms and legs Measures about eleven inches in length and weighs approximately a pound.

The development of mom

Mom's navel may have popped out at this point Dull back ache Increased heart rate o Possible hemorrhoids

What baby is feeling

Baby is still developing and moving, getting ready for birth

What mom is feeling

By this time, you may have started to feel a little of `pregnancy' brain. This is where you might be having troubles remembering to do things. Start making lists whenever you need to remember something so that you feel a little more in control.

Special needs for the week

If your shoes are starting to feel a little tight, you might want to go out and find a better fitting shoe or look for inserts that help to correct the imbalance of your new center of gravity.

Special concerns for the week

Always fasten your seatbelt when you're in a vehicle. The lap strap should be placed across your pelvis and the shoulder strap should be over your shoulder as you would normally wear it.

Special tip for mom

If you're nervous about how your life might change after having your baby, talk to your partner to see how they feel. When you're open about your concerns, you won't feel along in your worries.