19 Weeks Pregnant

Moving on ahead, mom is seeing more changes in her body this week.

The development of baby

Baby is still moving around, exploring the amniotic fluid Right now, baby moves around, but will start to find a good position to be delivered from Baby can make faces now Weights about thirteen ounces

The development of mom

Varicose veins Changes in your ability to orgasm Skin discoloration Leg cramps

What baby is feeling

Baby is recognizing sounds and will respond to them, but just because they're making faces at you doesn't mean that they're upset necessarily

What mom is feeling

You might start seeing a decrease in your mood swings, but this doesn't mean that you still won't have periods of weepiness.

Specific needs for the week

In terms of sex, you might want to start switching to side positions or with mom on top to help make movements more comfortable.

Specific concerns for the week

During climate changes, you will want to try to stay cooler than you might normally during heat waves because of your increased blood volume, but you will feel warmer during colder spells so you might not feel as cold as you normally would.

Special tip for mom

Great places to eat when you're pregnant? Italian, Greek and Middle Eastern, and any vegetarian or vegan restaurants.