18 Weeks Pregnant

Have you picked out the place where you want to have your baby? This might be a good time to start discussing your options. From home to hospital to birthing center, all of these locations can offer you different environments.

The development of baby

A creamy white substance called vernix forms on the skin Eyebrows and hair may be visible Measures almost ten inches and weights about ten ounces

The development of mom

Bleeding gums Increased appetite Some swelling of your hands and legs

What baby is feeling

The sleep wake cycles start to become more regular, and will probably be the same cycles that you will experience when baby is born.

What mom is feeling

You might start noticing that your hair and nails are growing more rapidly - sometimes in places that you weren't expecting - but shaving and plucking are safe if it bothers you.

Specific needs for the week

If you have other children, you might want to stop carrying them around - it's time for them to start walking around on their own. Just let them know that they are grown up enough to not need you to carry them - and your back will thank you.

Specific concerns for the week

If you haven't already done so, you will want to avoid any foods or dishes that may have uncooked meats and eggs in them. Sushi, hollandaise sauce, and cookie dough are just some examples.

Special tip for mom

If you're having troubles with your contact lenses, it's due to hormones. You might want to start wearing your glasses more often.