13 Weeks Pregnant

Now is the time when you're going to start to change your wardrobe a little.

The development of baby

Blood vessels can now be seen The heart is pumping out twenty-five quarts of blood a day Baby may start sucking its thumb o Measures seventy grams in weight

The development of mom

The heart is starting to pump out more blood You might be tested for neural birth defects with the AFP test

What baby is feeling

Baby is getting comfortable in the womb

What mom is feeling

Mom might start to have some issues with body shape. Instead of focusing on your weight, make sure that you are focusing on the health of your baby.

Specific needs for the week

Make sure that you are only eating 300 - 500 calories more per day of good, wholesome foods.

Specific concerns for the week

You may want to start discussing delivery options with your midwife or doctor.

Special tip for the week

Start keeping a photo diary of your changing body. You'll want to remember how far you've come - and you can share it with your friends and family.