11 Weeks Pregnant

During week eleven, you're really starting to feel that you're actually pregnant and by the way that baby is growing, it's no wonder!

The development of baby

All of the baby teeth have grown in The intestines are moving into the abdomen from the umbilical cord The pancreas is producing insulin Weighs in at about an ounce (about 28 grams)

The development of mom

Still expanding Beginning to `feel' pregnant Energy is going up

What baby is feeling

Baby's digestive system is really starting to work and get ready to take in nutrition

What mom is feeling

Mom might be ready to tell people about the pregnancy - go for it! The pregnancy is starting to become `fun' after the early times of sickness and fatigue

Specific needs for the week

You'll want to stop taking any medications that aren't approved by your doctor, if you haven't done so already

Specific concerns for the week

You will want to make sure that you're not overburdening your body with too many sugary foods - eat them in moderation.

Special tip for mom

If you have a lot of people to tell about your pregnancy, you might want to send a well-written email or arrange for a web conference that everyone can watch. This way, you'll be able to answer everyone's questions and have a sort of impromptu family reunion.