10 Weeks Pregnant

Welcome to the tenth week of pregnancy? How are you feeling? There's much more that is happening this week.

The development of baby

Baby's brain is developed, though not to full size The digestive system is practicing Reflexes are active Measures 3.5 inches and weighs about fourteen grams

The development of mom

Hormones are now being produced by the placenta Abdomen may start to become noticeably bigger

What baby is feeling

While baby doesn't realize it, it is practicing for coming out into the real world. Baby is trying out various digestive functions to see if everything is working properly.

What mom is feeling

By this time, you're generally feeling better than you have recently. When the hormones begin to be produced by the placenta, it can mean relief for moms.

Specific needs for the week

Right now, you will want to focus on getting your calcium (if you haven't been doing so already). If you don't like milk or cheese, try a fortified orange juice with calcium.

Specific concerns for the week

You're almost out of the highest risk time of miscarriage, so keep up the good work. Make sure that you're going to your prenatal visits as suggested by your doctor.

Special tip for mom

If you're starting to get hungrier, you might want to look into different kinds of low fat proteins. While a big steak might sound good, you don't want to eat a lot of fat. Try meatless products that taste similar.