1 Week Pregnant

In the first week, you have just conceived your new bundle of joy. Whether you've been trying for some time to become pregnant or you've just stumbled into motherhood, this first week is when the egg and the sperm have finally finished their dance and united to be ready to make a baby.

The development of baby

The baby is called a blastocyst at this point Is about 0.1- 0.2 millimeters in diameter Starts dividing and replicating cells

The development of mom

The body produces that EPF protein that works to protect the newly forming baby from being attacked by others cells in your body Mom might have some implantation bleeding Mom might feel a little pain during the implantation

What baby is feeling

Baby is just a bundle of newly dividing cells right now and has not begun to form any recognizable body systems

What mom is feeling

Most moms aren't feeling anything at this time. The hormones are beginning to increase, but there probably isn't a noticeable difference in mood or behavior

Special needs for the week

If you are planning to become pregnant or think that you might have a chance at being pregnant, it's a good idea to start taking folic acid supplements. These supplements have been proven to prevent birth defects in babies Special concerns during this week If you're planning on becoming pregnant, you will want to start eating more healthfully and getting daily exercise.

Special tip for mom

If you think that you might be pregnant, a home pregnancy test can confirm it as early as two weeks after conception.